iThemes releases Exchange, a WordPress eCommerce plugin

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

2 thoughts on “iThemes releases Exchange, a WordPress eCommerce plugin”

  1. Brian, thanks for the review!

    Re: the interface … our bet is that for the bulk of users they don’t want to be overwhelmed by shoving a bunch of stuff into the default WordPress Post UI like have been done so many times.

    The WP Post screen wasn’t meant for ecommerce, it was built for blogging and content.

    So we built our own from the ground up thinking how to make it easy for someone to sell their stuff (in v1 digital products) in 5 minutes or less.

    I believe people simply want to get their products online easily and not have to hunt to find out how to do things.

    We think it’s a bold move … for users. 🙂

    • Yeah, and I love what you did here! You did it for a reason (we, the users) and you did it well! Still, I see full respect for the WordPress admin UI/ UI elements. That is a really good example of when and how customizing could be done. And, it’s also a custom post type, another reason.
      There are also bad examples out there, breaking the UI for no reason and serving no one with it – see Jetpack as one of the worst examples.
      I was really amazed by looking at the Exchange admin UI, well thought, really simple, still managing quite complex tasks.

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