Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine, on growing your company well — Draft Podcast

I talk to Jason Cohen, the founder of WP Engine, about his entrepreneurial journey, and how to grow a company in a healthy way.

Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. In this episode, I interview Jason Cohen, the founder of WP Engine and current CTO.

I talked to Jason about a whole lot of things, mostly to do with growing well. Whether you're growing revenue, company size, or personal development — this is a conversation about growth, and how to do it well.

Unlike many entrepreneurs in the WordPress space, WP Engine isn't Jason's first business. He's done this before, and made plenty of mistakes. He talks about what he's done differently at WP Engine and how its made him a happier person.

This interview took place at LoopConf, and Jason was a keynote presenter. His LoopConf talk pairs well with our discussion.

You can catch the first segment on video, and the entire conversation is on the audio podcast.

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Photo by Brian Richards for Post Status