Managing Jetpack enabled blogs on

wp-com-jetpack-manage-blogsI have tons of connected blogs. Some are connected to sites that are mine. Some are connected to sites of one-off clients and friends that I wasn't in the mood to explain Jetpack and too. Some are blogs I'm somehow a contributor to. Some are actually sites.

What that means is that the section of my account that's meant for “My Blogs” is a total mess. Today I wanted to do some housecleaning. The problem is, I can't figure out how to disconnect a Jetpack enabled blog if the site no longer exists. This includes Multisites and unique installs that I connected my account to, but have since deleted the sites themselves.

Here's an example of a “My Blogs” listing:


Except this domain hasn't even existed for years. I long ago let it expire. Once you click “Manage”, it takes you to a page with the message, “Drat, It looks like you are running an old version of Jetpack on {my_site_name}, please (upgrade) in order to access the latest features!” All of the other links try to go to the dashboard of the site, which of course doesn't exist.

A simple solution in my mind would be a “disconnect” option from within the “My Blogs” panel of That way, any Jetpack enabled site could be quickly removed from a account.

Anyway, I hope Automattic will do some work on stuff like this. This wasn't the only oddity I encountered while trying to manage various aspects of my account today. If I were a new user, I might be totally lost.