Matt Mullenweg’s 2014 State of the Word

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10 thoughts on “Matt Mullenweg’s 2014 State of the Word”

  1. “There have been two updates for Android, five for iOS” ->

    “There have been two more updates than last year for Android, five for iOS”

    ie. Since WCSF 2013, there have been 8 updates for Android and 8 updates for iOS.

  2. For us plugin authors, the upgrade to PHP version 5.5 is truly a blessing.

    Here’s a pie chart of PHP usage of MailPoet users:

    Dumping version 5.2 would be a major upgrade for our team of devs, and a better end result for our users.

  3. While this is all awesome I’m a little disappointed there is no word on updating the atrocious wordpress forums. The WordPress Forums are a universal way for plugin developers to get support and should be a more integrated “social” tool. Currently user profiles give little to no helpful information except a stack of links. The built in search for topics is almost useless and the actual formatting of posts is lacking.

    WordPress support topics are probably the easiest way to contribute to the community and help out newcomers but it’s so frustrating trying to follow topics through the forum interface and easiest done through email which can feel cumbersome at times. This is a change we need to see happen and soon…

    • “Forums are a universal way for plugin developers to get support”

      Dunno, not faulting those that help in the forums, what they do is awesome, but I think there’s a lack of support in the forums, so I wouldn’t call it or suggest it as a good way for getting support. External sources have filled this need, and I think do a pretty good job of it. WPSE is a thriving community for devs to get and give support.

      At the first WCEU, Matt was asked a question about offering a WordPress certification, like what Acquia does with Drupal. Very loosely paraphrasing his response, Matt basically said 3rd parties should do this, they’ll care about it more and do it better. I think the same should apply here.

      • “I think there’s a lack of support in the forums”

        I agree with that but I fault the forums for being unfriendly in both usability and organization.

        I mistyped with with my original response, I meant that the WordPress forums are the easiest way for plugin developers to give the downloaders / users support for their plugin without having to create their own website to handle every request. WPSE doesn’t even accept plugin questions any more because they believe the support lies in the hands of the plugin developer so these questions fall back into the WordPress Forums.

        The WordPress Forums is like an umbrella: it does house developers, plugin support, and user support but the way it organizes these forums and how they allow people to use it could be improved on much more so that everybody can get more involved in an easier manner.

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