My Crash and Burn()out

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Written By Cory Miller

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  1. Cory,

    Once again you’re leading by example when it comes to being open and honest about your mental health concerns. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. But I’m also so proud to call you my friend. I hope that, just like last time, your vulnerability will help others realize that it’s ok not to be ok. And that putting your mental health first is the most brave, successful, and leaderly thing you can do.


  2. Brother, nobody “walks the talk” like you do when it comes to mental health. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing with such honesty about this most recent ‘leg’ of your journey, as challenging as that must have been. And you are most definitely not alone, my friend. I felt every word as if I had written it myself. Like Kenna said, it is okay to not be okay. And I’m grateful you’re heeding the warning signs, taking care of yourself, taking the time to heal. And Lindsey, thank you for stepping into this role. So much love and admiration for you both!


  3. Cory, deep respect to you for your vulnerabilty and sharing what you’re going through. I hope you’re doing okay and taking some time out helps you heal and come out the other side stronger. Also, respect to Lindsey for stepping into the spotlight. You guys are a formidable team xx

  4. In order to keep our mental health, we need to take (very good & regular) care of our body’s health, and all aspects of our lives.

    I gained 55 lbs (25 kg) in 21 years that I have been in a big corporation, as Director/Manager, until I realized that I needed to change ALL the aspects of my life in order to “survive”: I needed to change my nutrition, physical activity, sleep, remove some “toxic” people from my environment, etc.

    So I did it: in my 47. years (2 years ago), I quit my 21 years very good paid management job, created & started my own job, changed my nutrition habits 100%, started running and doing strength training…

    I lost 57 lbs (26 kg) and have been preparing for my 1st half-marathon (in a couple of weeks), and hopefully a full marathon afterwards, having enough energy for the whole day/night, …. in short: feeling great & fully enjoying my life, my family and my friends!

    You (and everybody else), could do the same – you just need to start with the small steps and start your “metamorphoses”. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fast, but you will come there, eventually, however you need to be persistent, that’s all.

    I put together, in one document all that I did (and still have been doing) for my (physical & mental) health and how to keep my current weight, I hope it could help you (and others), too:–BatzZIdIjSaEGda6sH~7pXxCAg-oJeqaYNJkAXyGUI5pvqrM.

    Good luck!

  5. Sigh. I can relate to so many pieces of this. I’m so grateful to see these words shared transparently. Part of me (the part that doesn’t fully critique myself) feels like the entire online industry is on the brink of this.

    I run a business similar to Content Journey, but the burn out of the prospects for that business has been so frustrating. It’s just a volatile business (or perhaps I’m not targeting the right people?)

    Also your work in the counseling space is admirable. I’ll be reaching out to see how I can bring that kind of service to one of the brands I run,

    Final thought…. all I keep hearing is “we have to do this together”. Sharing these words is a step to the collaboration for good.

  6. Hi.
    I truly hope you can recover from this to get back to whatever makes you happy and fulfilled.
    I know the stigma is still awful and so many people don’t understand so you have been very generous in sharing so much.

  7. As always, much love and respect for you, Cory Miller. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself. And let’s be honest, nobody is ever sad when there’s MORE LINDSEY MILLER on the horizon. 🙂

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