Ninja Demo, formerly Demo WP Pro, is now live

ninjademoA few weeks ago I covered Demo WP Pro, a service by the folks behind Ninja Forms to help WordPress product creators create demo sites for their users. Since then, they've launched and rebranded to Ninja Demo.

The rebranding was a great idea. Ever since they told me they rebranded, I haven't been able to remember the old generic name at all. This is a good takeaway for other product makers: once you work hard branding one product, don't be afraid to use that brand for your second.

Since my last post, they've priced the product. It's $59 for a single install or $249 for unlimited installations and add-on access. The add-ons aren't available yet, but they alone look worth the price of the upgrade, versus the number of installs allowed.

The add-ons include one for reports to track statistics of user behavior, another for A/B testing your product in demos, and a third for guided product tours within demos.

Ninja Demo seems to have gotten some good initial reactions from what I've seen. I think it can be a good product, but it is a limited market in its current form. Selling demos to product product makers limits them to that audience — WordPress product makers. And I assume only those successful enough or attuned enough to realize a need for user demos will jump, unless the WP Ninjas team really deeply penetrates that audience with this product.

Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing how many people adopt Ninja Demo and start using it. I know the team behind AffiliateWP is implementing it soon. More importantly, I look forward to hearing results from product makers about how well Ninja Demo helps them convert demo users into buyers. That's where this product will be most interesting. If I were Kevin and James, the folks behind WP Ninjas, I'd want to establish some metrics on that as soon as possible.