Ninja Demo, formerly Demo WP Pro, is now live

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “Ninja Demo, formerly Demo WP Pro, is now live”

  1. I have been waiting for this. I get asked all the time for a demo version of SearchWP but that just doesn’t fit in the traditional sense. Ninja Demo is exactly what I would have built if I even thought of the idea in the first place. The fact that it makes sandboxed demo sites is absolutely essential for SearchWP; having content and settings that bleeds among demo users managing the same site wreaks havoc on demonstrating SearchWP.

    I need the sandboxed environment so potential customers can essentially recreate their site exactly and see how SearchWP handles it. I love the idea and implementation and had it up and running very quickly. The hardest part will be making sure I’m strategic in setting up the demo site itself. In my opinion Ninja Demo is going to be the most powerful marketing tool I’ve got.

  2. I haven’t been this excited about a plugin since AffiliateWP (I know… that wasn’t long ago either). I’m a Ninja Forms user and ever since I took my first look at Demo WP, I couldn’t wait to use it for my theme framework demo.

    Rebranding was a wonderful idea. They should certainly run with “ninja” considering Ninja Forms is awesome and I’m positive that Ninja Demo will be too.

    My framework is all about built-in flexibility. The front-end is somewhat boring and should be. So the front-end demo I’ve had up for the last 15 months did me no good. I stayed away from a back-end demo because… well… I didn’t know how to set one up and I honestly wasn’t interested in learning. Ninja Demo saves the day.

    My demo is set up and ready to run. Look for it on the Ninja Demo Directory soon.

  3. Hi Brian,

    I just wonder that is there any other possible application or other use for this tool? If it’s solely about a demo solution for theme provider, IMHO, then there would be not many people into it.

    Say, the big guys are already selling well so they don’t have to use this. And the new guys will not dare to show their backend for users (remember themes selling is thank to the eye-catching frontend demo?). Your thoughts about it?

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