Post Status Club Improvements

Hey Club members, here are some highlights of what Brian and I are working on for you:

  • The way I view business and improvements is just like software. Sometimes you have smaller releases and sometimes big releases, and always fixing bugs in the system. The Post Status Club to me is in v.5.1.1 currently. And I’m very excited about what Brian and I have planned next.Β  I’ve been reaching out to members and getting feedback on how to make PS even better for you. (DM me in Slack. πŸ’¬)
  • Brian and I meet every Friday at 9 AM Central followed by Slack chats throughout the week. We’re still getting our rhythm down, but we’re already running at a good pace together. We talk about juggling multiple projects and also partnering in a new episode of Post Status Draft.
  • The first visible improvement you should see is to the weekly Newsletter. We are adding insight/commentary to help you keep up and pinpoint how it matters to you. Our third iteration on this is coming out today! We love to have your feedback as always.
  • We are scheduling monthly Club-only content and more on topics that matter to you, like business, marketing, the remote life, health, personal and professional growth β€” and more in addition to the weekly Newsletter and Slack community.
  • One focus I’m championing is our Teams Membership. We got some great feedback this week on topics for teams, specifically around the realities of working remotely and health. (This is right up my alley, and I have experts in mind to bring in.) Join Automattic, Pantheon, Valet and others in offering Post Status to your WordPress team.
  • I’m added a new Channel today called the Book Nook, devoted to reading that helps us grow β€” ourselves and our businesses. I read pretty voraciously and my commitment is to post books with takeaways and encourage your own monthly. Plus, I’m sharing two resources for Club Members: My Reading Strategically ebook and my Top 100 Business Book List.

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