Post Status Newsletter #1 – an evolving platform

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

3 thoughts on “Post Status Newsletter #1 – an evolving platform”

  1. I think your observations about needing a simpler admin with a low barrier to entry are right on. Every new admin I have to deal with feels like a personal vendetta against my happiness and wellbeing. It’s always a confusing overload at first, and most users just find the safe areas to interact with that they know they won’t screw anything up and try not to click on anything else. I know every hosting admin feels this way to me.

    The beauty of simpler platforms like Medium or Tumblr is in lack of interference. You can get straight to publishing without dealing with all the confusing computery stuff. WordPress could learn a lot from that, and if it’s going to evolve to compete with those platforms it should greet new users with that same kind of simplicity but also find ways to invite those users to gradually explore and learn its more robust features.

    • I agree. It’s just that balance of power and simplicity that will be so important to retain. We need power to create interfaces for lots of different kinds of content, but we need to do so in a way that makes it super easy to use.

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