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Post Status — Now with Slack Pro (Thanks StellarWP!)

(Full disclosure, as I write this I am employed by both StellarWP and Post Status.)

One of the many benefits of membership in Post Status is our Slack community. Up to this point, our Slack account was the free — and very limited — Slack offering. And while we were grateful to have our community there, we knew it wasn’t the best experience for our community members. Slack Pro offers so many more benefits to a community as big as ours.

Enter StellarWP

Earlier this quarter we started working on a relationship with StellarWP. We already knew the people there, and we were among the first to announce the acquisitions that Liquid Web made in order to build the Stellarverse, but the opportunity for a business relationship — StellarWP’s sponsorship of our Pro Slack account — was a prime opportunity and advantageous for both teams.

Why StellarWP is Aligned with Post Status

I recently joined StellarWP as the Director of Community Engagement. Anyone who knows me in the WordPress space knows that community is very important to me. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve joined the Post Status Team, as well as other community endeavors I’m involved with. And when I tell you that StellarWP is invested in community, I’m living proof.

So naturally, sponsoring an entire community like Post Status was something we at StellarWP wanted to do. According to Hazel Quimpo, “StellarWP is about people. Post Status is about people. This just makes sense.”

So coming together to provide the Slack Pro account — that just made sense. And while we’re sponsors, we’re also active community members. We hope to connect with you in Slack ourselves.

“Post Status is in a change and growth phase, and this is only part of what we have in store. We’re rolling out new membership options. We’re spotlighting members on our blog. We’ve added team members to provide thought leadership and content. We’re launching more initiatives like the WP Career Summit. And we’re here to help our members grow.”

— Cory Miller, Post Status CEO

Why Post Status Wanted Slack Pro

Slack Pro offers our members so many more benefits than we’ve had since Post Status started using Slack in March 2015. And now members can access that entire history, which is something many of us have wished for many times over the years.

Here’s the Pro feature set as described on the Slack website:

  • Unlimited message archive
  • Unlimited apps
  • Group video calls with screen sharing
  • Work securely with other organizations using Slack Connect
  • Create audio and video clips right in Slack
  • Lightweight, voice-only conversations with Slack Huddles
  • Access entire message history
  • Unlimited apps and integrations
  • 10 GB storage per member

When Post Status Founder Brian Krogsgard added Slack for Post Status members, he called it an experiment and wasn’t sure how it would work out. We think it worked out quite well! But for a community to grow and sustain itself, it takes constant contributions, large and small, for all its members.

This is an experiment. I want it to go well, but it is not a promise.

— Brian Krogsgard, Post Status Founder on Launching Post Status Slack in 2015.

Cory Miller, our CEO and Publisher at Post Status, stressed this message of showing up for each other in a new pledge for Post Status members.

On the gift of Slack Pro from StellarWP, Cory had this to say:

“Bottom line is we want the best experiences for our members, including preservation of the important conversations of connection and camaraderie and growth they had had together over the years and will in the future, which this upgrade does for us. We’re grateful that StellarWP feels the same way and wanted to partner with us on this,” says Post Status CEO, Cory Miller.

Growth for Post Status means the growth of its membership community — but not just in size. It’s about helping each member grow, whoever they are and wherever they are in their career or WordPress journey.

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