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By Cory Miller and Dan Knauss • July 22, 2022 🗓️

Today Cory took the lead on the Post Status newsletter release and joined Dan in co-authoring the introduction to it, which we usually share here. Some thoughts on newsletter integration, Newsletter Glue, Newspack, and the challenges facing plugin owners at WordPress.org in trying to determine the true size of their potential customer base.

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The workflow from WordPress content to newsletter campaigns (like this week’s) isn’t a great experience without good integration. (See Dan’s post, It’s Hard to COPE Without a WordPress Lite.”) Create Once, Publish Everywhere is more aspirational than reality.

At Post Status, we’re continually working on our content and email workflow as we adapt and evolve. For anyone creating email newsletters, it’s often a huge time-consuming tedious pain. (Ask Dan — and joining in this week, Cory — about newsletter assembly.)

Solutions like Post Status member and contributing writer Lesley Sim’s Newsletter Glue are really compelling. Newsletter Glue keeps your newsletter production fully inside WordPress. That’s awesome, especially for those of us with a small production team. WordPress VIP just announced a cool-looking newsletter integration for SalesForce Marketing Cloud too.

We’ve been testing out some of the options for a while at Post Status, including Automattic’s Newspack Newsletters, which is in the .org repo waiting for their first review.

Newspack and all its pieces are readily available for download now. You can learn more about Newspack’s contribution to open source and independent journalism in Blake Bertucelli’s post this week, The Unsung Hero of Indie Journalism.

Speaking of the .org repo, don’t miss Barış Ünver’s story of The Decline of Speed Booster Pack where he reflects on his past struggles in the commercial plugin marketplace. If you haven’t done it yourself, you may not know how plugin authors have to work in the dark with vague and potentially bad data about the size of their market and potential customer base.

— Cory and Dan

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