Seriously Simple Podcasting sold

Hugh Lashbrooke has sold Seriously Simple Podcasting to Craig Hewitt of Podcast Motor.

This is not because I no longer believe in the product or the mission to democratise podcasting – far from it – I am in fact selling the plugin (along with all of its add-ons) as I just no longer have the time or bandwidth available to support it in the way that I know it deserves. Seriously Simple Podcasting has always been a passion project for me that I worked on when I had a chance to do so – it never was (nor did I ever intend it to be) a full-time project for me. The new owner of the plugin will certainly be doing it justice I’m sure – we have spoken about a few future plans for it and I, for one, am very excited to see where it goes.

I have always loved Hugh's work with this plugin. It's a simple, but effective plugin in a space that needs it. Additions like stats have made it even more useful. If I were starting a podcast today, I'd definitely be using Seriously Simple Podcasting over other options — both hosted (I use and self-hosted.

Hugh can't monetize WordPress projects while working at Automattic (he was part of Woo with the acquisition) so he really didn't have monetization options on the table — making a sale his best option.

Craig seems like a great buyer. Podcast Motor is a service based business for podcast editing, and he has a theme and podcast player product already. So I really like how well his incentives are aligned here. And it appears they were hooked up via Brad Touesnard, from Post Status! That makes me happy.

Seriously Simple Podcasting has more than 10,000 active installs according to the plugin directory.

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