Shaping a vision of success

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Written By Jenny Beaumont

2 thoughts on “Shaping a vision of success”

  1. Thanks for writing this!

    Growth for growth’s sake isn’t a terribly inspiring goal, but it is a good measure of the work we do and its impact on the world. Growth is an effect, not a cause.

    The underlying metric, if it’s a good one, can bring into focus where you’re doing well or not, especially when paired with complementary metrics. If you were trying to improve your running you wouldn’t just look at miles run, you’d also track time per mile, heart rate, stride, how you felt afterward, and it might even have effects when you don’t run such as resting heart rate, weight, or soreness, or better sleep.

    If the goal of WordPress is to democratize publishing, the number of people publishing and the % of websites on open source software are good things to track, just as if the goal of WordCamps is to educate and connect existing and current WordPress users, then number of people attending WordCamps individually and collectively are good to track!

    • It was my pleasure, thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. 🙂

      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts about two of the questions I raise: 1) How will we know if/when we’ve succeeded in democratizing publishing? 2) Can or should we (WordPress) do it alone (i.e., 100% marketshare)?

      And because you said the words above, “if the goal of WordPress is to democratize publishing…” I feel compelled to ask, do you see that mission statement ever changing? 🙂

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