First Annual “State of WordPress News” – Save the Date!

Post Status Comments: The State of WordPress News

Join the people who report and comment on WordPress news — together for the first time in a live conversation.

Update: Twitter Spaces URL for this event is

Post Status is proud to present a first-of-its-kind gathering of some of the people who are responsible for delivering timely news and information vital to the WordPress community.

Planned Topics:

  • What challenges have we experienced while following and reporting WordPress news? How can the WordPress project and and WordPress companies help improve communication?
  • Where do we see WordPress heading — the software and it's community — in the short and long term?
  • How do we understand the way information flows through the news ecosystem? What is it's role in the larger WordPress ecosystem?
  • What are the biggest and most impactful stories of 2021, so far? What are the most significant but less noticed stories?

We also plan on taking questions from the Twitter Space audience and Post Status Slack, time permitting.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Matt Medeiros (Matt Report Media)
  • Jeff Chandler (WP Mainline)
  • Joe Howard (WPMRR)
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack (Gutenberg Times)
  • Sarah Gooding (WP Tavern)
  • Dan Knauss (Post Status)
  • David Bisset (Moderator and Host, Post Status)

You Are Invited As Well

In addition to the confirmed speakers, we are also inviting other members (especially those who cannot make the event live) of the WordPress news community and others to prerecord their comments or questions (up to 30 seconds) so we can possibly incorporate them into the discussion. This will depend on subjects covered and time. We would love to hear from the countless people in the community that make and report the news. All are invited.

For the link to the ZipMessage thread (you will be able to see other questions made by others and they will see yours), ping dimensionmedia (David Bisset) on Post Status Slack or Twitter DM (@dimensionmedia).

Save The Date!

When: November 19, 2021, 12PM ET
Where: Twitter Spaces
Duration: Approximately 60-90 minutes

Twitter Spaces

If you wish to participate in the discussion, we recommend you download the Twitter app, but you should be able to listen and participate on almost any device. When the show starts you should be able to access the event by visiting The event will be recorded and is subject to the Code of Conduct.

Don't Miss It!

More details are coming soon — so watch @post_status on Twitter and Post Status Slack to keep up and submit questions in advance.

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