Stream 3 goes back to self hosted site logging, looks more like 1 than 2

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

1 thought on “Stream 3 goes back to self hosted site logging, looks more like 1 than 2”

  1. Jonathan Wold from XWP here. Thanks so much for the coverage! A few thoughts in response:

    X-Company founded XWP and our sibling companies, X-Team, XHTMLized and WP Stream. The new “Who We Are” page on our website ( should help clear the history up.

    XWP has been close to Stream since it’s creation. Many from our team have contributed to Stream. We have always believed in it’s potential and want to see it succeed. X-Company, the founder of and investor in Stream, decided to put Stream into our care to run with it.

    Our plan is to fund Stream through a combination of custom development (for enterprise customers) and our own sponsorship. We dedicate a portion of our profits to fund initiatives we believe benefits the community as a whole (such as contributing to WP Core) and we consider Stream a great match.

    We know Stream has a lot of value to offer to folks who use WordPress and we want to see Stream become ubiquitous throughout the WordPress community. We believe the key to making Stream a success is an “open” approach where we are actively collaborating with others who see the value in Stream for their own projects.

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