Post Status Live – The Right Approach to WordPress Accessibility

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Cory Miller
If you’re a leader, a developer, or a designer about to start a major website project, this webinar will help you navigate the important topic of accessibility. Cory Miller is joined by the team at Modern Tribe - Chris Kindred, Director of Backend Development, Sarah Gless, Creative Director, and Mike Klanac, Director of Business Development, to discuss why accessibility is imperative and how to integrate it into each aspect of development and implementation.

Over, Under, Around, and Through

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Dan Knauss
This week Alex Denning (Ellipsis) draws on Iain Poulson's historical, high-level plugin data at WP Trends to offer some thoughtful, somewhat contrary, but practical and grounded perspectives on the value of Active Install Data. At the WP Watercooler and elsewhere, a realization seems to be setting in that the data is not open source and not the property of the WordPress community. Like last week's episode of Post Status Draft with Katie Keith of Barn2 Plugins, Till KrĂĽss (Object Cache Pro, Relay) offers a lot of lessons this week about less travelled paths to success in the plugin business even as a very small company or company of one. Performance, testing, and support are key, interrelated parts of Till's success and probably the most important ones to borrow in your own life and work if they resonate.

What is WP Cloud?

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Dan Knauss
WP Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on the hosting infrastructure that’s behind WP.com, Pressable, and WordPress VIP with GridPane soon to follow. Agencies that want to white label their client hosting are ideal customers for WP Cloud via GridPane.

Ten bootstrapping tips from Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato

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Brian Krogsgard
Collis Ta'eed recently did a Twitter "series", if you will, highlighting ten bootstrapping tips of his to celebrate the seven year anniversary for Envato. They haven't blogged the list anywhere that I can tell, and I don't want it to…
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