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The WP Agency Journey with Bet Hannon of AccessiCart-Post Status Draft

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Transcript ↓ This episode features Bet Hannon, agency owner of AccessiCart, which specializes in accessibility for websites, particularly e-commerce sites. Bet talks with Cory Miller about the significance of accessibility, the agency's focus and niche, and tips for starting a…
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WordPress Products in the Enterprise with Crowd Favorite-Post Status Draft

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Cory Miller
Transcript ↓ Cory Miller is joined by Karim Marucchi, Pat Ramsey, and Alex Nitu of Crowd Favorite to discuss the evolution of WordPress, its growing importance in the enterprise space, and the challenges faced by WordPress professionals. They also talk…

Local Development Tools and the Open Web

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Dan Knauss
DesktopServer: The end of an era and the beginning of a new one Once upon a time, I used XAMP. Then I used DesktopServer. I liked it and soon bought a subscription for updates and support. It was host-agnostic and…
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