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Local Development Tools and the Open Web

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Dan Knauss
Who is not using Local? Is it an Open Web tool? Let's review some "Local history" and consider where WP Engine's popular developer tools could be headed.
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DesktopServer Shutting Down After 12 Years

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Cory Miller
It's sad to hear that ServerPress is closing its doors and DesktopServer has reached its end. Marc Benzakein and Gregg Franklin were active WordPress community members for years and I appreciated their work. Shared in an email to their customers:…

Jeff Gould has put together a…

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Brian Krogsgard

Jeff Gould has put together a very nice comparison guide for several local development environment tools. His review spurred a good discussion in the comments. Jeff covers XAMPP, MAMP, Local By FlyWheel, and DesktopServer from ServerPress.

WPSiteSync aims to make content deployment simple

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Brian Krogsgard

WPSiteSync is a product that aims to improve the process for deploying content on your website. It allows you to create or edit a post or page on a staging environment, and then deploy those changes to your live website.…
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