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Local Development Tools and the Open Web

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Dan Knauss
Who is not using Local? Is it an Open Web tool? Let's review some "Local history" and consider where WP Engine's popular developer tools could be headed.
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DesktopServer Shutting Down After 12 Years

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Cory Miller
It's sad to hear that ServerPress is closing its doors and DesktopServer has reached its end. Marc Benzakein and Gregg Franklin were active WordPress community members for years and I appreciated their work. Shared in an email to their customers:…

Developer Tools Check out this project…

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Dan Knauss

Developer Tools Check out this project from Roots called Bedrock — "WordPress boilerplate with modern development tools, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure." 🛠️ Bedrock is inspired by Heroku's Twelve-Factor App methodology, including Scott Walkinshaw's WordPress specific version. I'm…

WordPress 4.3, “Billie”, released

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Brian Krogsgard
WordPress 4.3, "Billie", has been released. Billie includes four major user-facing features that most website owners will experience on a semi-regular basis, and many other enhancements, bug fixes, and developer features.
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