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WordPress Careers Roundup for the Week of September 26, 2022

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Dan Knauss
Craft your origin story • Pointed questions for devs to ask prospective employers • Strategies against Ageism • IBM's a**hole test • Take a pass on a "fast-paced environment." • WordPress Translation Day • Writing Tips for Engineers • Preventing burnout as a manager
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By now I’m sure you’ve all…

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Brian Krogsgard
By now I'm sure you've all heard of Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock. This is a hugely successful exit for GitHub, and another interesting pickup for Microsoft. Unfortunately I can't find the tweet anymore, but I…

GitLab has been making some interesting…

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Brian Krogsgard

GitLab has been making some interesting improvements recently (and after Github's recent pricing announcements, I'm sure they are getting more people paying attention to them). They recently announced GitLab Container Registries which allow you to test and deploy Docker containers…
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