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The WP Agency Journey with Bet Hannon of AccessiCart-Post Status Draft

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Bet Hannon, CEO of AccessiCart, talks with Cory Miller about her journey in starting an agency focused on accessibility and e-commerce in the WordPress space. She highlights the importance of accessibility, not only as a legal requirement but also as a means to enhance the user experience for all visitors. Bet emphasizes the need for WordPress professionals to continually educate themselves about accessibility and user experience best practices, collaborate with communities, and consider the diverse needs of users with disabilities. By prioritizing accessibility and optimizing user experiences, we can create inclusive websites that benefit all users.
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What is WP Cloud?

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Dan Knauss
WP Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on the hosting infrastructure that’s behind, Pressable, and WordPress VIP with GridPane soon to follow. Agencies that want to white label their client hosting are ideal customers for WP Cloud via GridPane.

Jetpack promotions in search, and fallout

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Brian Krogsgard
In the last newsletter, I mentioned Jetpack's search replacement for promotions as well as the discussion and fallout that followed. It escalated quite a bit, and then it got out of hand. Jetpack has now removed the feature in version…
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