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Till Krüss on Object Cache Pro, WordPress, Plugins, Testing, and Performance — Post Status Draft 126

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Dan Knauss
Transcript ↓ Back in August, I had a long conversation with Till Krüss (edited down to <60 minutes here) about his path into WordPress, Laravel, and performance. It's about time we published it as an episode of Post Status Draft!…
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Winning Together in a Decentralizing Plugin Ecosystem

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Dan Knauss
Cory mentioned Jon Christopher's debut of OrganizeWP last week, calling attention to its unique and unusual pricing model: no subscriptions, you just buy all releases within one major release and then renew for the next release. The idea is to…

Rethinking WordPress Products Pricing Models

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Cory Miller
Jon Christopher wrote about how he’s rethinking the pricing model for his OrganizeWP product, and he got some good conversation going in Slack about it. Here's what he's doing: "licenses for updates and support will be sold for each major…

Shiny New Thing: OrganizeWP

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Dan Knauss
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Check out Jon Christopher's OrganizeWP which is still in Beta but won't be for long. Clean out your Admin interface and make it work for you! The Admin Menu has become a battleground for attention, especially with content types. OrganizeWP…

Post Status Excerpt (No. 15) — Jon Christopher on Finding A New Home For SearchWP

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David Bisset
"I realized that I wanted [SearchWP] to be long term and deserved a team behind it." In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, David Bisset talks with Jon Christopher about his sale of SearchWP to Awesome Motive. The two…

Jon Christopher teased SearchWP 4.0 —…

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Dan Knauss

Jon Christopher teased SearchWP 4.0 — a major rewrite that's no longer limited to WP_Posts. 🔎

Jon Christopher has a series running…

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Dan Knauss

Jon Christopher has a series running on his blog about rescuing a product. He examines improvements to the content on OrganizeWP's website in his latest post.
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