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WordPress vs. Squarespace

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Cory Miller
Every business needs a website. That much is obvious. But choosing what content management system to use isn’t always so clear. When it comes to WordPress vs. Squarespace, which option is the right choice for your website? Before we answer…
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Legal Stuff: What All Online Course Creators Need to Know

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Dan Knauss
I haven't seen anything from Richard Best in a while, but he recently shared "17 practical legal steps to help you create great course content, protect yourself, and keep your money." One of the 17 is "Know how to find…

If you are looking for WordPress…

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Brian Krogsgard

If you are looking for WordPress basics in video form to share with someone, there are a few really great solutions out there; WP101 is my favorite, due to the high quality, consistent updates, and ability to put them right…
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