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What is a WordPress developer?

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Dan Knauss
That was the question on an episode of Woo DevChat with Ebonie Butler, Lisa Canini, Robbie Adair, and Kathy Zant. It's an interesting to compare their views and experiences with the ones shared by Zach Stepek, Till Krüss, and Carl…
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SaaS, Plugin, or Both?

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Dan Knauss
The perennial question — to SaaS or not to SaaS? Both? WordPress-centric product and marketing, or not so much? Danielle Di-Tommaso and Josh Barling from Acsell join Vito Peleg from Atarim to talk about their experiences in these scenarios with…

WooCommerce Updates, Pagely’s New Woo Platform, and WordCamp Europe

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Bob Dunn
HostingThe Week in Review
Bug Fixes and a Beta Release There was a lot of activity in WooCommerce core that started earlier this week with the 6.6.1 release on June 21. It fixes issues with payment gateway titles, product search, and product images in…

WordPress Podcast and Video Picks for the Week of March 14

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David Bisset
PlanetThe Week in Review
My Podcast Picks Do the Woo: Robbie Adair sits down with Courtney Robertson to talk about Learn.WordPress and how it can help you be a better WooCommerce builder.WP Review: Joe shares his summary and thoughts from Patchstack's 2021 WordPress Security…
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