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Cory Miller
Coming soon: the Post Status Index, an EMEA Huddle requested by our European members, and my talk about the importance of taking time off. Also, our door is always open for members of Underrepresented in Tech and anyone who finds the cost of membership a barrier to joining us. If you work professionally in WordPress or want to, we want you here!
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Scott Kingsley Clark is asking for…

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Dan Knauss

Scott Kingsley Clark is asking for donations to support the Pods Framework this year. Automattic has withdrawn its sponsorship of the project, which has provided 90% of the Pods team's total funding. Understandably, Automattic "want[s] to focus their funding on…

Scott Kingsley Clark posted an update of…

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Scott Kingsley Clark posted an update of the Fields API on the Make WordPress Core site. It's a good summary of what the current API can do and what you can do to help. "Every area needs review," Scott remarks. The…
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