Design and Development News for the Week of October 31

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Daniel Schutzsmith
Missing Menu Items • Farewell PHP 7.4 • I Didn’t Know You Could Do That in the Block Editor • Why is Your Computer Cosplaying as a PDP-11? • Effective Writing for Devs • The State of CSS • The Swiss Army Knife of Website Tools: Website Toolkit

WordPress Tech Roundup for the Week of September 26, 2022

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Dan Knauss
Big Changes in WP_Query and the Nav Block • Accessibility-Ready Themes • Design Systems and Agency-Client Co-Creation • W3.CSS • WP Plugin Compare • Is Self-Hosted Email Impossible? • Cool Tool: WordPress WebAssembly • Also: Remix Icons, PDFgrep, The only 58 bytes of CSS you need to go to parties, plus an amazing Block Editor trick.
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