Teach yourself programming in ten years

Peter Norvig is the Director of Research at Google. Years ago, he wrote this essay on how to teach yourself programming in ten years. Somehow, I’ve just now read his excellent advice for the first time. I’m only a few years into my career as a developer, but I can still see the wisdom of his post. I certainly think we can be valuable team members much, much sooner than ten years; but I’m seeing more and more that it will take me a decade, at least, before I might really think of myself as a good programmer.

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  1. Hi poststat. I have recently started my blog which about coding. Not yet begun with posting tutorials but this essay which I read, made me feel, I should rather just discontinue the blog and be an expert in some language. At this point, I am not an expert in any but surely an intermediate in a few. Thanks for posting the link. It has enlightened my mind and changed my thoughts to a great extent. Now I might have to change many things I have done.
    Thanks Again.
    -Ninad Pathak

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