The Cure for Burnout Is Not Self-Care

This is a good interview with burnout expert and author Amelia Nagoski on “quiet quitting.” She concludes:

Quiet quitting is a step toward rational and fair labor practices, but not everyone will have that choice. This is why we say in our book that the cure for burnout is not self-care. The cure for burnout is all of us caring for each other.

What does that look like, especially for team leads and managers? Laurence Lock Lee adds further thoughts at Reworked, citing Alyssa Place‘sΒ How Managers Can Protect Themselves from Burnout:Β 

If they had previously operated in β€œcommand and control” mode, they will need to become transparent about their struggles. It’s only through exposing their frailty and uncertainties that they can hope to develop such a climate of trust.

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