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The Ellipsis Weather Report is Live

Every week, Ellipsis’ Weather Report will show how much WordPress and WooCommerce search and advertiser activity has increased or dropped relative to the previous week. By watching these two trendlines, you can gauge whether your own search and sales trends are performing in line with the industry at large.

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A few weeks ago, Alex Denning shared a preview of EllipsisWeather Report, a representation of data from their FALCON AI that is now serving up a live view of the WordPress industry.

“Weโ€™ve never had this insight before, and it is exciting and terrifying to bring this kind of ‘live’ view of the industry, to the industry.”

Alex Denning

Weekly Updates

The Weather Reportย auto-updates with new data every Monday morning (UK time), and you can view the reportย here. It’s showing two live trendlines for WordPress and WooCommerce. The data can be downloaded, and there’s more information about Ellipsis’ methodology available now, which has been reviewed by Dr. Oliver Crook, at the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford. โ€œUsing aggregation of market data and bimonthly median smoothing, Ellipsis gives a robust estimate of the current state of the WordPress market,โ€ according to Dr. Crook.

What’s Being Measured?

Ellipsis processes and stores data on tens of thousands of WordPress and WooCommerce keywords to power their FALCON AI. Data points they include are keyword metrics, advertiser activity, performance metrics, and rich data around URLs in the search results for each keyword. This data provides deep insight into what WordPress and WooCommerce solutions people are searching for on the web.

According to Ellipsis, “The score is relative to itself and calculated on a 4-week rolling basis.” Specifically, “The score each week is the 4-week rolling average of the blended search and advertiser activity data.” If you compare your own business and search trend analyses to the Weather Report trends, you’ll see whether your data is in line with them โ€” or higher or lower. The Weather Report trendlines are intended to serve WordPress businesses this way, as an orienting benchmark.

Bringing New Data About WordPress to the WordPress Business Community

“Weโ€™ve never had this insight before, and it is exciting and terrifying to bring this kind of ‘live’ view of the industry, to the industry,” says Alex. “Weโ€™ve all enjoyed the comfort of an ever-growing ecosystem, and the Weather Report will show us the extent to which that does or doesnโ€™t continue.”

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