The Mojo Marketplace integrates with Bluehost cPanel

The Mojo team has teased work they’ve collaborated on with Bluehost that will offer Mojo products within the cPanel dashboard of Bluehost accounts. The integration includes single sign-on between a Bluehost account and Mojo, as well as one-click buying from within cPanel. I have no idea what the financial particulars are for this deal, but I imagine it’s a pretty good opportunity for both organizations. However, I personally wouldn’t really think to “shop” from within cPanel; but maybe that’s just me.

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      1. They seem to own all the hosts! 😉

        I wouldn’t think to buy form cPanel either. I wonder how else they’ll market themes to their customers.

  1. Brian, thanks for posting about the MOJO + Bluehost integration. I wanted to address your point about shopping from within the cPanel. We have been working very closely with Bluehost and you would be shocked by the number of products purchased through cPanel compared to other more typical avenues.

    Not only that, the marketplace is handling the thousands of WordPress installs that take place everyday.

    Regardless, I am way excited about it. We have a slow roll out starting with Bluehost and then we will be moving onto the next brands of EIG.

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