The WordPress Enterprise Paradox

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Written By Magne Ilsaas

3 thoughts on “The WordPress Enterprise Paradox”

  1. Magne, this is *fantastic*. It resonates with me so much – so many of our clients come to us because they’ve been served up a short-term WordPress solution when what they actually needed was a long-term partner with a business-design mindset! This issue doesn’t just apply to enterprise, either. Plenty of small businesses would benefit greatly from taking a long-term approach to their digital decision making. It’s certainly a tough sell, because it can get expensive fast (!), but I absolutely adore the call to a WordPress Mindset and a focus on value creation. Thank you so much for this piece, I’ll be thinking about it heading into 2023.

  2. >>But why is there no arena for professional conversations around WordPress Enterprise?
    The team that developed a coherent way to handle enterprise projects/clients with WP will keep this know-how hidden.
    This is oversimplified thought but this angle is the most probable IMHO.

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