Two Key Questions We Need To Answer

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Written By Cory Miller

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  1. My brother Spencer and I have owned a plugin company since 2010. Fighting for top spot on the .org repo was crucial for us in the past. We are in the 70K plus active installs

    We tried to break in with other plugins. Recently, we decided to cut the other plugin(s) from the repo. We had customers telling us it was the best plugin they had used and solved what they trying to do. The problem is when we are stacked in the search with plugins not even related to what we were trying to achieve with much larger active installed plugins were showing over ours even though they were unrelated to search queries. Our data compared to our social plugin (the 10 year plus 70K active install one, was crazy as almost every free install was a premium extension sale of some kind. We could tell we were lost in a search where people were looking for a plugin such as ours but general “Photo” plugins where coming up instead no matter what we tried. Even tactics that had proven to work for our main plugin in the past. We also tried other marketing plans. After many hours, a few years and almost little to no growth no matter the hours or money spent we decided to pull it from the repo. We have had many of the users emailing us saying that there was no plugin that was even close to what we had. Woocommerce offers an extension that is supposed to achieve what ours does but has terrible reviews.

    I think that when the converted the .org repo from the old system to the elasticsearch one it was more about ranking with installs then “relativity” and “recently updated”.

    With our main plugin we have ways we hook people into purchasing our premium extensions but would would be awesome to see is a standardized way for free plugins to do this. I imagine a hook were users installing plugins see extensions offered by the plugins/themes. If we standardize something clean and not overly spammy looking where devs can hook into that show users what they offer that is premium would be useful. Not a “Premium plugins store” but simply a page or way to display offerings within the repo that users can choose to click see that would take them to place to purchase. There would also be a similar and standardized way of hooking into displaying on the wordpress install’s backend.

    P.S. – Birgit is awesome! 🙌

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