Understand WordPress internationalization and translation

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “Understand WordPress internationalization and translation”

  1. You got this post dead on Brian. I was about to write similar post.

    i18n tools are absolute great. It can for example auto-add header info from plugin/theme and it adds custom page template names automatically. Even better when these i18n tools are in the core.

    WP-translations project is also something that I’m very thrilled. Thanks to François-Xavier Bénard for putting that up. I’ll be in that community for sure. Let’s hope that it’ll be something that helps developers and translators make your theme/plugin more useful for non-english users.

    It also seems that plugin translations can be loaded from WP_LANG_DIR/plugins/$domain-$locale.mo in WP 3.7. That’s good news for custom translations what I use for now and then.

  2. Thanks for the mention both of you. I’m happy to see more devs concerned by i18n, that’s why I also founded WP-Translations.
    I18n is a win-win for the all WordPress community from devs to users.
    Devs make your work ready for translations, i’m sure you’ll be surprised to see how much users will be happy to translate it especially with dedicated tools like Transifex.

  3. One of the best tips I received regarding wordpress i18n was to use this translation tool: https://poeditor.com/. It makes work a lot more efficient and simple. I’ve tried comparing it to others, including transifex, but poeditor is simpler to use and more friendly, on top of all its functions.

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