Will Automattic compete with WordPress freelancers?

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Written By David Bisset

2 thoughts on “Will Automattic compete with WordPress freelancers?”

  1. As a freelancer for 23 years, WordPress-only for 12 years, I can promise you that this will affect us. There are only so many people who want a small website produced, and some who would have called me or my colleagues, will not be calling. There’s no question at all that it will be detrimental to us.

    • Hi Patty, I have a similar background of experience and probably had most of the same gut reactions … but why and how greater competition in the traditional freelancer space is “detrimental” is difficult to express. How do you understand it?

      My sense is the market is not contracting; if anything it is expanding, but it is also a more competitive and fast-moving space with a background of other socioeconomic stressors. Where and how one can survive and even thrive — and what that can look like — has changed a lot and is changing.

      What questions are you asking and what should we be asking?

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