WooCommerce vs Shopify: A battle for ecommerce platform dominance

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Written By Jonathan Wold

2 thoughts on “WooCommerce vs Shopify: A battle for ecommerce platform dominance”

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    While it’s true that WooCommerce is not as friendly out of the box, it’s a GREAT platform for selling eCommerce. What you didn’t mention is the thousands (tens of thousands?) of WordPress plugins that work with WooCommerce to create an experience that is second to none. Another item to consider is that most Shopify apps (plugins) cost a monthly fee. Forever. Another item to consider is the unlimited design possibilities of WooCommerce. With Shopify, you’re pretty much stuck with the theme restrictions. With WooCommerce you can use MailChimp, and you can customize the receipt emails sent from WooCommerce to your customer to match your company branding. WooCommerce is incredibly flexible!

    If non-tech users find it too intimidating, they can always hire a qualified freelance WordPress frontend dev or head over to Codeable.io to hire a fully vetted WooCommerce expert to put together their eCommerce site.

  2. If things like “community” and “loyalty” are the only values keeping WooCommerce from being trampled by Shopify, we are in for some serious trouble as an ecosystem. Why? Because Automattic, and thus WooCommerce, are an absolute failure at cultivating either one.

    Matt Mullenweg is more concerned with allowing Samuel Otto Wood to continue trolling and tormenting the many third party teams that contribute to WordPress.org, while aggressively promoting dead-on-arrival extensions like JetPack that are doomed to fail…

    The biggest issue currently is branding, and its getting worse. If users can’t even define the tools they are using because of the purposeful convolution employed by Automattic, other values are just a pipe dream.

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