The WordPress mobile app is ready for iOS7

wordpress-ios7The WordPress Mobile team has been working hard to get the WordPress iOS app ready for iOS7, which is to be released today. Design was led by Hugo Baeta, but eight contributors took part in the design and development for this update.

If you haven't ever used the WordPress apps, now is a good time to check them out again. They have been consistently iterated and developed across many platforms for years now. The WordPress mobile app is even shipped by default with some devices, and its on the demo products in the apple store for iOS.

A dedicated team of Automatticians is committed to mobile as well. And really, we have them to thank for funding development of much of the mobile experience we see today on self-hosted WordPress sites.

I've integrated the WordPress mobile app into my workflow for blogging here. While I don't yet use it for complete blog posts (though I have for a couple of link posts), it is really great for managing your blog on the go. I feel comfortable editing posts for typos and broken links, managing and moderating comments, and of course viewing stats.

I have also kept the #wordpress-mobile IRC channel up for the last few months, just to keep an eye on it. I haven't contributed code to mobile apps, but that doesn't mean I (or you) can't contribute at all. The designers and developers of these apps are always looking for real world feedback. Also, if you're looking to learn how to code a mobile app, what better way is there to learn than from than one of the open source WordPress mobile projects?

The new iOS app includes a refreshed design that's quite MP6-ish, as well as a number of bug fixes, and of course an updated icon to match the iOS7 look and feel. They also have plans for a number of new features for the app to better sync the mobile browser and mobile app experiences.

Congratulations to the mobile team. Anyone learning mobile development, or anyone that uses the mobile apps, get involved with this project because it's a place that's much less crowded where you can have an immediate impact.