Post Status Excerpt (No. 57) — WordPress Development with Docker and Lando

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Written By David Bisset

1 thought on “Post Status Excerpt (No. 57) — WordPress Development with Docker and Lando”

  1. I agree with Cal that Lando is really awesome for plugin development. I added it to my plugin repo, and it makes it a breeze to create a development webserver with the plugin installed, symlinking to the source files (so that modifying the source reflects the changes immediately in the plugin), and supporting XDebug out of the box. And one really great thing is that it assigns an external IP to the database, so I can query the DB using MySQLWorkbench (which I haven’t seen when using other Docker-based systems).

    My lando config is:
    I added scripts in my composer.json to operate with it:
    Then, to initialize the DEV server, I just execute `composer start-server`:

    It makes it easy to share the set-up with contributors to open source projects, so that everything is automated.

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