WP Engine raised $15 million in VC, grew customer base 27% last quarter

WP Engine is making another splash with the announcement of a $15 million round of venture capital from North Bridge Growth. I first saw the announcement on TechCrunch, but it’s also on VentureBeat. Torque, WP Engine’s WordPress publication, also noted that they are included in the items that the investment is intended for, so it’s possible we’ll see Torque ramp up their operation even further.

This round is more than ten times their last one in 2011. Also interesting in the TechCrunch article is that Heather Brunner, WP Engine’s CEO, says they now have 14,000 customers. That’s a 27% increase from just three months ago, and she notes that growth rate has been consistent.

From a size perspective, I think we can safely say WP Engine is breaking away from their competition. Time will tell how they plan to (and if they will) maintain the quality their customers expect during such rapid expansion.

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