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6 thoughts on “Free theme highlight: Hueman”

  1. Hello. Yes, please! Please do more post like this in the future, especially on free themes. It’s so hard to find new good ones these days.

  2. I think that’s a good idea. Themes like this don’t come around very often and they’re easy to miss. Some things are exceptional and they’re worth highlighting!

  3. Wow, Anew is just as nice. I’d use it! There’s some money in this for Alexander. I wonder if he’s building a rep before releasing commercial product. I agree that he could do well if he just flips on the switch of monetization.

  4. The problem with posting about Free Themes is that so few good quality free themes exist. And those that do feel like the are full of hacks, or have weird quirks. I’ll have to investigate this Hueman theme. I am interested in seeing how clean the templates are….

  5. As of this writing, there is indeed a link for donations via PayPal on the page you link to. I’m a fan of Mr. Agnarson’s style- in design and philosophy. Makes me eager to kick in.

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