WYSIJA is a surprisingly delightful WordPress newsletter plugin

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10 thoughts on “WYSIJA is a surprisingly delightful WordPress newsletter plugin”

  1. I’ve seen this a few times and it’s always been in a positive light. I just think that some things WordPress is not meant to do. I love WordPress but it is not the solution for every project you come across.

  2. I’ve used this plugin a couple of times and it’s really nice! It should be noted that there’s a coupon code in that WooCommerce post for 25% off, which I used today to buy the premium version of the plugin.

    There are two reasons I’m interested in Wysija over Mailchimp, which is also a great product. You can connect Wysija to any SMTP server, and dedicated SMTP services like SendGrid are much less expensive than MailChimp when you’re sending in bulk.

    Secondly, a common request from clients is to automatically compile all of the posts from a given week and send them out as a newsletter. Wysija does a really good job of this, and is highly configurable. I think you can do something like this with Mailchimp via RSS feed, but Wysija has tons of great options for how to format the posts and exactly what gets included. All in all, great plugin!

  3. We use mailchimp as well but can’t stand it. Their mail designs are weak at best and the out of the box templates from WYSIJA are light years ahead. Second, mailchimp has that double verification that our end users must approve and WYSIJA is only once. We found so many more people reading our autoresponder with WYSIJA.

  4. 2000 newsletter / month seems bit low like our blog. Is there any other newsletter plugin which offers free limit between 4K – 5K per month?

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