X-Team splits in two

Dave Rosen, CEO of X-Team, today announced on the X-Team blog that X-Team is being split into two separate companies “to remain focused and agile”. X-Team International Pty Ltd will focus on “developer resourcing” (i.e. providing developers to other agencies and development shops), while X-Team WP Pty Ltd (note the “WP”) will focus on “Enterprise WordPress solutions”.

Dave explains that they decided to split into two separate companies in order to remain agile, rather than dealing with their growth by adding structure and management levels:

The split is also inspired by our belief in effective teams. Great teams need to be at a size where everyone is in sync. As more and more superheroes have joined X-Team, our company size simply got too big. Rather than enforce growth through structure, management and meetings we’ve chosen to keep our agility and ensure each company is at a size where everyone is on the playing field.

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  1. Somehow, their announcement gives me even more questions than answers.

    Who is running each? New websites? What was “developer resourcing” anyway? Are products like Stream following alongside the enterprise WordPress side?

    Kind of a strange announcement, with not a lot of info.

  2. Honestly, it feels like a services versus products split.

    Developer Sourcing, I would suppose, is partnerships with other agencies that may have a lot of creative resources, but not much of a developer powerhouse. So they source developers to collaborate and knock out projects?

  3. Thanks so much spreading the news Travis! It’s appreciated.

    Brian, I’m glad it raises more questions than answers. We’re extremely passionate about WordPress and the creation of a X-Team WP Pty Ltd is a further step towards what we hope will be add even greater value to the Enterprise in this space. We’ve got big plans and answers will come when the time is right. As both companies are operational it’s important we got the message out.

    It’s the developer resourcing model which will gain more clarity first. There’s a lot of things wrong with the developer resourcing industry currently and we’re committed to do something about it!

    George, your right in that we made a service / product split with Stream (wp-stream.com) being our product focus. Stream in fact operates as it’s own company as well. Both X-Team International Pty and X-Team WordPress Pty Ltd are serviced based. What they offer though is very different.

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