The Year Without Pants

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

4 thoughts on “The Year Without Pants”

  1. Thanks for the review. Very glad you picked up on how i wanted to leave readers asking better questions about their work, rather than presuming they should flippantly copy what Automattic, or any famous company, is doing.

  2. Brian, thanks for this review … I’m eager to dive into the book too but this was a great primer.

    Automattic is one of the few true “all remote” companies I’ve seen and therefore the posterchild so any insights into how they do it is going to be interesting.

  3. Hey Brian, a very well thought out review… appreciate your insight. We were lucky enough to have Scott talk at our Seattle WordPress meetup last week. He was great as usual, and the questions were flying! Can’t wait to read this myself…

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