Yoast enters the WordPress theme market

Joost de Valk has announced his company (Yoast) have released three Genesis Child Themes, with more on the way.

We’re releasing 3 themes today, all of them very different but all of them share a lot of functionality too. They’re all Genesis child themes, as we believe in the Genesis framework.

Right on the heels of their announcement that the commercial version of WordPress SEO is now available, it’s interesting to see Yoast going even deeper into the WordPress product space.

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  1. Travis, do you agree with the overselling of the Genesis framework across the board? Seems a lot of people push it for the affiliate commissions but I don’t necessarily see the draw.

    1. I don’t agree that it’s “oversold”. I actually use it for all of my work (building sites for clients). I will say that a lot of the value for me is in the extensive hook & filter system, which allows me to quickly customize a child theme. If I were just purchasing it for a child theme I probably wouldn’t care as much, but for what I do, it’s very valuable.

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