Year: 2022

On The Fediverse, WordPress, And Activity Pub With Matthias Pfefferle — Post Status Draft 135

Matthias Pfefferle is head of WordPress development at a hosting company in Europe and the creator of Activity Pub, a WordPress plugin. He joins Cory Miller to discuss the rising need for decentralization in social networking, the current movement, and the future potential available within WordPress.

Annual Survey • WordPress Playground • Plugins/themes Categorization

What are the four freedoms of open source and how do they impact us? Get a look in the Celebration of the Four Freedoms of Open Source. Try out the new WordPress Playground to run WordPress in the browser. Plugin and Theme developers note the new categorizations: Canonical, Community, and Commercial.

The WP Agency Journey with Krissie VandeNoord of North UX — Post Status Draft 134

Krissie VandeNoord, founder of North UX, talks with Cory Miller about their work in creating people-first solutions for the nuanced needs of ecommerce and membership site owners. Krissie shares her story from her early days as a designer and blogger to launching her own agency. Her work and energy will encourage you to think beyond what is to build the possibilities that make things work better.

Annual Survey • State of the Word 2022 • Suggest Community Summit Topics • WordPress Playground (WASM)

Tune in Thursday for Matt’s annual State of the Word address. Check out the WordPress Playground now. It brings key platform dependencies into the browser that you can embed in your own site today. Your feedback into the annual WordPress survey helps shape the project, so fill it out as soon as possible.

Interview With Product Lead Jessica Frick At Pressable— Post Status Draft 133

Jessica Frick is a huge WordPress advocate and has been a contributing community member since 2008. She is the Director of Operations at Pressable, one of our Post Status sponsors. Jess joins Cory Miller to share about the amazing WordPress hosting experience Pressable offers, in addition to her own experience and expertise as a long-time member of the WordPress community.

The WP Agency Journey with D’nelle Dowis of Berry Interesting Productions— Post Status Draft 132

D’nelle Dowis has been a part of WordPress for more than a decade. Her passion for genuine, sustained relationships informs how she leads her agency, Berry Interesting Productions. D’nelle talks about her experiences meeting clients where they are and helping them leverage technology to solve the challenges of today while making room for future opportunities. She shares why she values support, her thoughts on DIY, and how she makes room for her clients to ask the weird questions.

Interview with Product Lead Robert Jacobi at Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting— Post Status Draft 131

Director of WordPress at Cloudways, Robert Jacobi, talks about WordPress and their WordPress hosting products in this interview with Post Status Publisher Cory Miller.

Annual Survey • State of the Word 2022 • LearnWP Site Updates • Block Editor in Support Forums • Dev Guide to Block Theme Course Pt2

It’s time once again to share your feedback about all things WordPress in the 2022 survey. Tune in next week to hear Matt Mullenweg during is annual address: State of the Word. When submitting issues in the WordPress forums, you’ll soon find several blocks to use in the editor. #LearnWP has site updates and a new block theme course for developers.

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