Anyone can change

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Written By Brian Krogsgard

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  1. This caught my attention since I noticed something similar a week ago too.

    I was at WordCamp Pune and GoDaddy was one of the sponsors. And I bumped into this school friend I’m meeting after five years. He heads business development for this entire region. So my first surprise was that GoDaddy sent their top guy here. They also had a couple more people.

    GoDaddy wasn’t getting nice looks from people around, and when I talked to my friend about the general perception about GoDaddy in WordPress, he was very cool about it. He said he understands the sentiment and that it will take some time to change.

    He pulled me to some sales presentation they were running by the side, (on the new GoDaddy Pro). I asked many questions and gave feedback on what’d work and what wouldn’t. They had answers to all my questions (surprisingly – I didn’t expect sales guys to know those answers!) Plus they appreciated feedback and promised to take it back to the team.

    Throughout the day, I didn’t feel they were being pushy or pitching their stuff. They were there to just be there, meet people and collect feedback.

    So I guess “the change” is worldwide. That’s quite commendable!

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