Does Market Share Matter?

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Written By David Bisset

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  1. As you said it may be Gutenburg – we still work entirely with the classic editor – we develop sites for “multiple” editors so look to structure the page content, rather than give the developers free rein. Gutenburg gets in the way of that and currently doesn’t really work if you have multiple areas on the page you want to give specific editors right.

    WordPress is a CMS – or CONTENT management system – not a Presentation Management Tool!

    Depends how the survey is done – do we know how many people are using for Content management – but using some other mechanism to publish (Headless WordPress!). We have a number of sites which are served as static HTML but generated from a wordpress site {admittedly they look like wordpress sites when you look at it! – but we can fix paths etc to remove the obvious wordpress clues}

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