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Post Status Comments (No. 12) β€” WordPress Lite

What if there was a “lite” version of WordPress that was still WordPress β€” still customizable under the hood but tuned up for a great user experience for particular use cases? For example β€” could a lite version be used to allow an admin to literally build an online store in minutes from a mobile device? How about just a note taking app with cool open web features? What if, what if, what if…!!!

Goodbye But Not Farewell

David Bisset

As many people already know, I am transitioning away from Post Status to focus on a new opportunity within the WordPress space. It should go without saying that I will be just as involved in the community as I’ve ever been. It’s important that there are stages where people can have the important conversations, and I firmly believe that Post Status will continue to be a fine home for the discussions (both positive and critical) that need to happen.

9 Things I Learned from WordCamp Europe 2022

A lot of interesting things surfaced in the open conversations with Matt and Josepha at WCEU. I also learned a lot from Pablo Postigo, Feliz Arntz, Shane Pearlman, Jonathan Wold, Nora Ferrerio, Milana Cap.

Post Status Notes #501

White puzzle pieces assembled with one piece missing, revealing a contrasting yellow surface

Elementor acquires Strattic β€’ WP Engine acquires Delicious Brains‘ plugins 🧠 β€’ When the Cathedrals own the Bazaars and Shopping Centers and you’re in a strip mall with a fruit stand… β€’ Jetpack decouples β€’ InstaWP gets seed funding from Automattic 🌱 β€’ Automattic hire #2000 β€’ World-class FSE, how? 🌐 β€’ WCEU by the numbers β€’ Weglot gives back β€’ RoleUp rolls out β€’ Tadlock exits WP Tavern 🍺 β€’ Why ‘why’ matters most β€’ The Big 2-0 next year β€’ All there is to know about core WordPress email notifications, documented βœ‰οΈ β€’ System font stack check β€’ Do not follow by default β€’ Museum of Block Art opens 🎨 β€’ Meet Yvonne Doll β€’ Mostly modest WordPress wishlists β€’ WooCommerce Experts to go global β€’ How to do well in a downturn πŸ“‰ β€’ Some things we don’t β€” but ought to β€” talk about. 🐘 Silent no longer about Sustainability.

WordPress Podcast and Video Picks for the Week of May 29

Vikas Singhal on InstaWP’s backing from Automattic β€’ Raffaella Isidori on the importance of UX β€’ How to get the most out of WordCamps β€’ Peter Suhm on Reform β€’ Josepha Haden Chomphosy shares her open-source reading list β€’ Hiring and capital_p_dangit β€’ Ryan Welcher live-coding block templates

Post Status Notes #500

It’s the 500th issue of Post Status Notes and the Post Status newsletter coinciding with WordPress’s 6.0 release and its 19th anniversary! πŸŽ‚

Post Status Notes #499

Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship returns to WCUS β€Ί Think like a platform again! β€Ί Leo Gopal on support for mental health in the community β€Ί WP Accessibility Day β€Ί Performance Lab 1.1.0 β€Ί The WordPress Way β€Ί Dropping jQuery for speed β€Ί More to WP than Headless and FSE for devs β€Ί and more…

WordPress Podcast and Video Picks for the Week of May 15

Good viewing and listening for you this weekend! Krogsgard on memberships and churn. Web 2.0 tech leaders reflect. Mike McAlister on the journey from Atomic Blocks and Array Themes to the Liftoff Creator Course. Paid services at Underrepresented in Tech. The Pattern Creator and Directory. WCEU. Inclusive Open Source Processes and Governance.

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