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It’s Hard to COPE Without a WordPress Lite

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Dan Knauss
One thing hasn't changed much in 20 years for a really common type of CMS-based site build. Whether it's for an individual, an SMB, or a large organization they all need to COPE: "Create Once, Publish Everywhere." Typically that has…
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Post Status Comments (No. 12) — WordPress Lite

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David Bisset
What if there was a "lite" version of WordPress that was still WordPress — still customizable under the hood but tuned up for a great user experience for particular use cases? For example — could a lite version be used…

Post Status Comments — Join Us May 24th for “What If There Was a WordPress Lite?”

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Dan Knauss
In an alternate universe two WordPress "products" exist: the WordPress we know today plus a slimmed-down or highly streamlined "lite" version. We gather a panel of WordPress professionals to ask "what if" and "what could be done" and "would it…
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