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Woo Weekly #400: State of WooCommerce 2022

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Dan Knauss
Congrats to Rodolfo Melogli of Business Bloomer and David Mainayar at PeachPay for reaching issue #400 of WooWeekly back in July. To celebrate this milestone, Rodolfo asked a lot of people (including me) to explain what one thing they'd change…

WooCommerce 6.7, Release Cadence update, “If you could change one thing in Woo,” and Marius Vetrici is WooDev of the Week

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Bob Dunn
This week WooCommerce 6.7 was released along with WooCommerce Blocks 7.8.3. Our good friend Rodolfo Melogli polled the Woo community for his 400th issue of WooWeekly: If you could change one thing in WooCommerce, what would it be?" Multidots shares a fascinating case study they have on both migration and multisite for And Marius Vetrici is the WooDev profile of the week. He's been writing code since 1994 and has 10+ programming languages under his belt and 20+ years of experience. Despite (or because of?) that, he's interested in low-code tools and refuses to buy shoes online. You've just got to try them on to get the perfect fit and feel of the shoe on the foot.

Post Status Notes #501

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David Bisset
Elementor acquires Strattic β€’ WP Engine acquires Delicious Brains' plugins 🧠 β€’ When the Cathedrals own the Bazaars and Shopping Centers and you're in a strip mall with a fruit stand... β€’ Jetpack decouples β€’ InstaWP gets seed funding from Automattic 🌱 β€’ Automattic hire #2000 β€’ World-class FSE, how? 🌐 β€’ WCEU by the numbers β€’ Weglot gives back β€’ RoleUp rolls out β€’ Tadlock exits WP Tavern 🍺 β€’ Why 'why' matters most β€’ The Big 2-0 next year β€’ All there is to know about core WordPress email notifications, documented βœ‰οΈ β€’ System font stack check β€’ Do not follow by default β€’ Museum of Block Art opens 🎨 β€’ Meet Yvonne Doll β€’ Mostly modest WordPress wishlists β€’ WooCommerce Experts to go global β€’ How to do well in a downturn πŸ“‰ β€’ Some things we don't β€” but ought to β€” talk about. 🐘 Silent no longer about Sustainability.
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