Exiting — and Reentry, Block Themes, GitHub Actions, and Assessing the Pandemic’s Impact on WordPress

WordPress Podcast & Video Picks for the Week of June 26

The Post Status podcast picks of the week include two takes on selling businesses, going back to work for someone else, and then… Chris Coyier and Corey Maas tell their stories. • Daisy Olson has the lowdown on block themes. • Raquel Landefeld on the power of community. • Press the Issue launches a solidly journalistic WordPress podcast with Allie Nimmons investigating the pandemic’s impact on WordCamps for the first episode.

Our Podcast Picks 🎙️

  • WP Tavern Jukebox: Daisy Olson, Developer Relations contributor at Automattic, talks about block themes and what everyone from regular users to developers should know about them.
  • ShopTalk: Developers will enjoy this discussion with Rizèl Scarlett and Brian Douglas about GitHub Actions.
  • How I Built It: Chris Coyier shares what it was like building and selling CSS Tricks to DigitalOcean.
  • The WP Minute: Matt talks with Corey Maas about what it’s like to sell your plugin business and venture back into a day job — and then out of it into a new startup again.
  • Women in WP: Raquel Landefeld talks about her experiences and offers some lessons about community that apply to WordPress.
  • Press the Issue: A great first full-length episode hosted by Allie Nimmons that examines how the pandemic affected WordPress contributors, with a number of special guests from the community.

Our Video Pick 📺

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