GravityView raises the bar for WordPress video advertisements

Okay, maybe it doesn't raise the bar the way you think I mean. But this is worthwhile.

I'm pretty busy building the new Post Status infrastructure, but not too busy to post this.

GravityView is a WordPress plugin by Zack Katz and Katz Web Services that lists Gravity Forms entries on your site in a nice way. It's a slick plugin I've been meaning to dig further into since I learned about it at a WordCamp a few months back.

Nevertheless, the folks behind GravityView have hired @songadaymann, Jonathan Mann, to create a new video for them, and it is… unforgettable.

I mean, I told you.

This is the type of “hey this is funny / quirky” will probably better qualify for the members only newsletter in the future. But while I'm building that out, you all get this nugget of fun for free.